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Taylor's Wildlife Preserve In Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey

If you want a place to go hiking and enjoy nature, consider visiting Taylor's Wildlife Preserve In Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey. This 1.5-mile trail is open to the public from dawn until dusk and is home to 180 species of birds. The Taylor family formed the nonprofit Friends of the Taylor Wildlife Preserve to protect the preserve. The group uses grants to keep the property well-maintained. Its motto is Visit Soon. Cinnaminson, NJ can be seen at this link.

To protect the Preserve from further littering, the Friends of Taylor's Wildlife Reserve was formed in 2012. The group raised funds and acquired 47 acres to protect the surrounding land. The Friends of the Taylor's Wildlife Preserve are currently working on a study to determine the effectiveness of cleanup efforts and the rate at which floatable trash returns to the water. The results will provide valuable information for residents of the area. Information about Speed Raceway & Axe Throwing in Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey can be found here. 


The Preserve encompasses 85 acres of land along the Delaware River. It is located in Cinnaminson Township, NJ, less than 30 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. The preserve features boardwalks and trails through a marsh, and even a lookout tower. Donations are also encouraged to help maintain the preserve. Don't forget to check out the Taylor's Wildlife Preserve.

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