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Splashing and Dashing: Enjoying the Water Parks of Cinnaminson, NJ

Cinnaminson, New Jersey, is an excellent destination for those who enjoy a day of splashing and dashing around at the local waterpark. The town of Cinnaminson is home to two of the finest waterparks in the tristate area, allowing you to cool off in summer heat while experiencing the thrill of slides, rides, and waves. Cinnaminson, NJ can be seen here. 


Let’s look at the two amazing waterparks that make Cinnaminson the perfect spot for family fun and excitement.

Adventure Aquarium


Cinnaminson, NJ, is home to a tremendous family-friendly water park called Adventure Aquarium. This park is located in the local mall and offers something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Whether looking for a way to cool off in the summer heat or just trying to have some fun, Adventure Aquarium is the perfect destination. Click here to read about Take The Kids to the Amusements and Parks of Cinnaminson, NJ.

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The park is divided into two main areas. The first area is the wet park, which has various water slides, pools, and more. The slides range from small and gentle to more extensive and thrilling slides. Kids of all ages will find something to enjoy here. The pools come in various depths and textures, offering something for people of all swimming levels. Other attractions in the wet park include a lazy river, kiddie pools, and a water playground.


The second area of the Adventure Aquarium is the dry park. This park has a variety of rides like the Flying Fish, an exciting roller coaster ride that flings riders through the air. There's also the Avalanche, a fun twister ride that takes you on a thrilling journey. Other rides include the Carousel, the Tower of Terror, and the Antique Cars. This part of the park also includes an arcade, mini golf, and plenty of food and drink stands.


No matter when you go, Adventure Aquarium is sure to be a hit. From the exciting rides to the thrilling slides and relaxing pools, Adventure Aquarium is the perfect place to beat the summer heat.


Pirate Island, Water Park


Another excellent choice for the water-loving family is Pirate Island, Water Park. Make your way to Pirate Island to explore water slides, splash pads, and a massive wave pool. With a massive pirate ship as its centerpiece, the park has various slides and rides that provide thrills and spills for all ages. Kids will also enjoy the giant pirate splash zone - a perfect spot for families to cool off while enjoying a few waves and splashes. Pirate Island also provides a wide array of food and refreshment options, including an ice cream shack and hot dog cart.


Aqua Blast Water Park


No trip to Cinnaminson is complete without experiencing the waterslide fun at the Aqua Blast Water Park. This state-of-the-art facility features 11 rides, including the legendary Tsunami, a thrilling 500-foot slide. Aqua Blast also offers seven pools so guests can enjoy a variety of swimming options. When it comes time for a bite to eat, you can’t go wrong with the park’s vast selection of concession stands.


Before you know it, you’ll be splashing, dashing, and enjoying the water parks of Cinnaminson, New Jersey. These three parks provide unique opportunities for families and individuals to create lasting memories in Cinnaminson. Each park has various attractions, plenty of food and refreshment options, and even live entertainment.

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