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Palmyra Cove Nature Park In Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey

The 250-acre Palmyra Cove Nature Park in Cinnaminson Township is one of the unique parks in the area. The park features ponds, trails, scenic viewpoints, and an environmental center. The park is a favorite spot for families and groups. For a fun day, check out the park's daily schedule or its website. Learn more here.

Cinnaminson, New Jersey's township recently held its 15th annual "Make a Splash" water festival. With 16 interactive stations, families can learn about water safety and environmental conservation. The water festival is free to attend and family members of all ages are encouraged to join the fun. Several of the park's staff members have been volunteering their time in the area to help make the park a better place. Learn more about Lakeview Memorial Park In Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey.


The park offers educational programs for the whole family. Its 250-acre property is located adjacent to the Delaware River and is home to various bird life. It features wetlands, woodlands, meadows, and a wild creek. The park is open to the public from dawn to dusk, but bicycles are not permitted. There is a trail for children and adults to enjoy, but it is closed for bicycles.

During the fall migration, Palmyra Cove is a hot spot for warblers. You can see up to 25 species of warblers at this park, including the rare Connecticut Warbler. During the summer months, you can also find a variety of shorebirds lining the pond and river shores. And during the winter months, you can watch many birds that migrate to the area.

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