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Lakeview Memorial Park In Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey

A cemetery is a very important place to visit after a death. A cemetery that is well maintained can make the visit less stressful. Lakeview Memorial Park is a well-maintained cemetery with a nice lake and winding roads. The grounds are well-kept, and many grave sites are available throughout the cemetery. The cemetery is owned and operated by Craig Lovett. Contact Craig Lovett for more information about the cemetery and any other inquiries you may have. More can be found here.

The cemetery was established in 1929 and provides custom headstones for the community. In recent years, the cemetery has allowed granite headstones, whereas only bronze plaques were allowed before. While both types of headstones are installed flush with the ground, granite markers have several advantages over bronze ones. Read on to find out more about the benefits of granite headstones. There are many benefits to installing a granite headstone at Lakeview Memorial Park. Learn more about Taylor's Wildlife Preserve In Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey.


The Cemetery Act provides that the cemetery's site plan must be reviewed and approved by the Township's Planning Board before it can start construction. However, this approval is subject to the municipality's approval and may not be granted. The cemetery's plan may be rejected, but it is important to remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry. A cemetery should be a place of rest.

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